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We are thrilled to reach out to different Alum every month to participate in our blog interview. She is currently residing in Riverside while working at Horizon Therapy Services. We would also like to give a huge congrats to Nicole for getting married this past year. Here is a peek at our interview. And also a big thank you to Nicole for your honest opinions about your experience at CBU and for being our first Alumni Reflection. I loved the idea of smaller class sizes and being able to take all the classes I needed and finish in 4 years.

I ended up switching majors and I was still able to finish in 4 years. CBU also offered me a lot of financial support and I really felt the Lord working out all the details and pointing me to Cal Baptist. I loved all of my courses related to my major of Communication Disorders. They were so interesting and applicable to what I wanted to do. My least favorite was Intro to Philosophy and Ceramics because I was terrible at both!

That opportunity directly affects my current job and what I do every day.

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It gave me a foundational experience that has allowed me to succeed as a professional in my career. My ISP trips to India and Indonesia which gave me a new perspective and definition of what it actually means to follow Christ. Being involved with Community Life developed some of the most important relationships I have and gave me opportunities to grow and lead in ways that I never expected I would have had the chance to in college. I would have definitely utilized the Career Center more to develop a better resume and interview experience as I now know how vital those tools are to developing as a professional in any field.

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And what better way to preach the gospel to the nations than to wrap up the true meaning of Christmas into the blessing of a shoebox! It begins with the excitement of a Christmas gift and than opens to door to share the love of Jesus Christ with children and families around the world. There are so many ways to get involved this year at California Baptist University, and we hope that you will choose to participate with us!

School Supplies — Pens, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, markers, stamps, ink pad sets, writing pads, paper, solar calculators, coloring and picture books, etc. Hygiene Items — Toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap in a plastic bag , comb, washcloth, etc. Other — T-shirts, socks, ball caps, sunglasses, hair clips, toy jewelry, watches, flashlights with batteries. Personal Note — You may want to enclose a note to the child and a photo of yourself or your family.

If you include your name and address, the child may write back. Okay, maybe that is a little bit melodramatic…and messy. This is the exciting blog where we get to update you on this new and growing department, and tell you some of the awesome things that we have in store for next year and the future! Our new majors in International Health and Nutrition and Dietetics. The International Health Program in the College of Allied Health at CBU seeks to respond to these needs with a program that equips graduates with the ability to immerse themselves in any community, integrating a Christ-like service model, and equipped to understand and address such issues as disease, poverty, natural disasters, population and environmental health.

Nutrition and Dietetics, the second of the newest majors, is the science and art of applying the principles of food and nutrition to health. Linking the physiological and biochemical needs of food and nutrition consumption with a desire to serve the spiritual needs of people is something that can be lived out in a very tangible way through nutrition and dietetics. Rounding out the new faculty, Dr. Of course, no department is complete without someone to keep everyone else organized.

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With the entire new faculty coming on-board to join Drs. If you have not been to the fourth floor of the James Building lately, stop by and meet our team. Sullivan is a testament to bringing Godly influence and a love of serving others into practice, and this was very evident in his responses to my questions. As an Undergraduate student, Dr. Sullivan was drawn to sports rehabilitation and actually started off wanting to go to Graduate School in Physical Therapy. Upon completing his BS in Kinesiology, he began working at a PT clinic while finishing his prerequisites and taking graduate coursework.

Through a combination of interacting with faculty as well as the PTs in the clinic, he decided that he enjoyed the teaching and learning process. He finished his Master of Arts and began teaching at a community college in San Diego. He quickly knew that the college teaching life was for him, and pursued a PhD in Kinesiology at the University of New Mexico.

Similarly reflecting on his family life, he has great passion for what he does. He glows about being married to his college sweetheart, Michelle, for twelve years, and having four tremendous children: Josh 11 , Katie 7 , Beckett 4 , Rowen 2. When asked why Dr. This stood hand in hand with his personal motivation from Ephesians 2: In allowing this motivation to flow through him, Dr. Please pray for his team, leaving June 17 th , at 1am.

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Sean Sullivan and Professor Amy Miller. She has WAAY too much insider information to risk it! This Fall, you can find him in the following courses: Students selected for leadership were required to attend this conference for a time of fellowship and preparation with other student leaders. The Azusa Pacific University chapel band began our day with worship, which centered our hearts and focus on the Lord and prepared us for a day of learning and growth.

Sarah Cates, Rebekah Miller, and Lauren Bolda pose for a quick photo in the midst of a busy day of training and reflection.

TWIRP week at CBU features activities designed to help students build community

Today I had the privilege to sit down and chat with Dr. I really enjoyed talking with him and getting to know him better and I am pleased to introduce him officially here on the Pulse. Pearson has been working at CBU for 11 years. He has a wife and two sons ages 8 and 1. When he and his wife began to consider moving, his wife said she wanted to move somewhere with a warm climate I think they succeeded in that venture! The Bachelor of Arts in Human Services will qualify graduates for job opportunities such as community outreach worker, counselors, case managers, and other community and social service specialists.

Human services organizations looking for qualified, ethical, and skilled individuals include employment, food and nutrition, housing and shelter, legal and victims assistance, public safety and disaster relief, foster and senior care, and youth development. The online Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree program is ideal for individuals with a deep rooted desire to help others.

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Human Services professionals primarily assist individuals and groups in accessing necessary services to improve their lives. The online format allows students to balance their family and careers without sacrificing academic integrity. Employers are seeking ethical leaders with the necessary skills and desire to positively impact organizational operations. The online Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree program also provides students with logical and foundational support for continued education should students wish to consider a Master of Arts in Human Services, Counseling, Public Administration or Business.

The coursework for the Bachelor of Arts in Human Services online degree integrates sound ethical values that are necessary for those working in the field of human services. This ethically-based program focuses on problem solving, communications, analytical and research development, and professional oriented skills that develop innovative leaders seeking to maximize impact in organizations within the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Coursework is designed and delivered to meet the needs of practitioners who are tasked in responding to the complex and unique issues organizations and individual leaders encounter. The Bachelor of Arts in Human Services online degree program is specifically designed to explore the application of theory and practice, which sets the online program apart from other human services degrees. Consistent with the University student outcomes, upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree, graduates will be able to:.

Effectively present information orally and in writing at the undergraduate level. Describe the history of the helping relationship, intervention strategies within different settings, managed care, and models of service delivery in human services. Apply biopsychosocial theories, principles, and concepts related to the human services field and profession and society at large. Apply quantitative and qualitative research methodology to the study of behavioral sciences. Apply interpersonal communication strategies to the human services field and profession.

Evaluate issues and social problems related to diversity, human rights, and justice as they affect the experiences of marginalized groups. Apply skills related to ethics in professional decision making in the helping services. Evaluate individual and group level interaction within the social environment. Develop practical on site skills in managing human service interventions in both the role of coordinator and provider of direct services.

Evaluate the sociological and psychological aspects related to marriage and family including the recognition and reporting of child abuse. Apply knowledge of team management and team practices in the contemporary workplace. Integrate Christian faith with biopsychosocial theories, concepts, and principles in the human services field. This is a process-based writing class that focuses on academic writing, reading, and critical thinking as expressed in expository and analytical writing assignments through 5 to 7 substantial essays over the course of the semester.

Develops fluency, coherence, style, effectiveness, and literary analysis. Students must pass this course with a C- or better to fulfill general competency requirements and to proceed to ENG Placement may be challenged by the Writing Placement Exam. Continued practice in writing with emphasis on critical thinking, argument, analysis and interpretation of multicultural readings and other interdisciplinary expository materials.

Includes the writing of a major research paper or report in addition to several shorter essays requiring various types of documentation. This course requires LiveText. ENG with a grade of C- or better unless the student has demonstrated writing competence through a written placement exam. Students must successfully complete this course with a grade of C- or better to fulfill general education requirements and to begin any literature course.

A general introduction to the scientific study of human behavior in social settings. It includes major theories of human behavior in terms of culture, socialization, primary groups, stratification and social class, population, family, religion, and social change. In this course, students learn to write formal manuscripts using APA style.

They also learn to read, understand, and critically evaluate behavioral science research as presented in academic journals and conferences. Learners in this course build foundational skills needed to succeed in their future courses. This course provides a comprehensive overview of both quantitative and qualitative research methods used in behavioral science research, along with an understanding of the ethical considerations and other challenges involved in good research design.

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Additional topics include measurement, sampling, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Students will be introduced to the field of human services and will examine the human services as a profession. Students will explore the history of the helping relationship, the human services movement, intervention strategies within different settings, managed care, and models of service delivery. Students will also be introduced to career opportunities in fields such as: Students will be introduced to fundamental theories of human services.

This course aims to facilitate a greater understanding of how theoretical frameworks can be applied to the human services field and profession. Students will be exposed to a broad range of psychology-based counseling theories related to personal, social, and organizational issues.

Personality theory and conceptual approaches in psychotherapy are featured, as well as multicultural issues and social justice themes. This course is the study of management theories and the functional concepts of leadership, planning, and decision making. Special emphasis is placed on quality issues, globalism, diversity, ethics, productivity, motivation, skill development, and human resource management. An emphasis on integrating biblical principles and leadership will also be studied.

This class examines the dynamics of the two-person communication process. Students will study the development of self-concept, self-disclosure, perception, listening, and feedback as they affect the communication process. Non-verbal communication, attitudes, beliefs, and values will also be explored. Students will be introduced to issues of diversity, oppression, human rights, and social justice.

Students will examine people?