10 differences between dating a man and a boy

alexioso. A boy tells you he loves you. A man tells you he loves you and backs it up with his actions. A boy makes you feel like you're not good.
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A man lives in the now but is always planning for the future. A boy will spend time with the friends of yours — if he likes them.

7 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs. a Man

A boy makes rash decisions based on his immediate desires. A man understands the concept of being rational and having priorities. A boy needs you because of his fragile self-esteem. A man needs you because he believes his life is better with you in it. A boy is concerned with how you look to his friends.

The 15 Types of Men (Which Ones to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!)

A boy is ready to do anything to get want he wants. A man is ready to love without hesitation. Good call on the feminist line. One thing to add though, men deserve a break from their stereotypes as well. He got mad when I did too. You Were Lucky I […]. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

You may unsubscribe at any time. They just make smart decisions. He makes one plan and shows up. But sometimes the best things are those that require more than a swipe. Some things are worth the wait. A man is willing to put in the work. He trains and prepares like an athlete or a musician to get the ultimate prize.


Courage means to act with the heart. In this selfie, self-serving culture, taking a moment to serve others reveals a surprising fulfillment. Who follows a tyrant? A man leads others by considering others.

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Kindness is a trail people follow. A differences between a boy and a man list on a site called GoodGuySwag. I finally decided to put my childish ways behind me.

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Being a boy is easy, but being a man takes work. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. Here are some differences between dating a girl and a woman.

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A man like this deserves mutual respect. A man is easy to trust because he is open and honest. He isn't putting his phone on "do not disturb" in the presence of his significant other or checking out for hours on end with no real explanation.

The Difference Between Dating a Boy and Dating a Real Man

A trustworthy man doesn't risk losing a good girl by being shady. Of all the things a man has to offer in opposition to a boy, stability might be one of the greatest. It incorporates trust, confidence, respect, and communication. A man is consistently all of those things.

Which makes him and your relationship a stable thing that provides value to your life rather than anxiety. Ladies, let's all move on from the boys and find some men. If you find yourself missing the boys even for a night, just remember they will be exactly where you left them. That image enough to deter you? I certainly hope so! Things I wish I knew about when I was younger dating. How dating now is different than dating in the 80s. Five common parenting mistakes after separation.

Ways to strengthen your relationship. What is the difference, you ask, between dating a man and dating a boy? Confidence A man is confident, a boy is insecure. Communication A man tells you how he feels, what he thinks, and what he sees for your future together. Apologies A man knows when he is wrong and apologizes rather than the guys who break your heart and act like it's no skin off their back.